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Reiseberichte 2012

Dear Christl

Greetings from Africa!

Great Wilderness Journey feedback from one of our Explorations guides, Richard Avilino:

Jacana camp:
There was a variety of wildlife and birds, a female lion swimming across from one island to the other and the red Lechwe gave an alarm call when they saw it. We saw a large pod of hippos at one of the pools. There was also a  pride of lion consisting of one male and two females walking through the dry plains of the Jao area. The mokoro activity was the highlight for all the guests, we managed to come very close to water birds.

Khwai Discoverer Camp:
We saw large herds of Buffalo consisting of about 600 animals, we came across Zebra and Giraffe feeding along the water coarse. On the other side there were Elephants spraying themselves with mud, we stayed and watched them, they later walked just behind our vehicle with the sun setting behind them, it was amazing. Late in the evening a herd of 25 Elephants walked in front of our camp, listening to their communication in the dark was truly an african bush experience. On one of the days we saw a Crocodile that had just killed a cat fish and was trying to cut it into pieces.

Linyanti Discoverer Camp:
We had some amazing sightings at this camp, we saw a big male Leopard laying under the shade, and a pack of Wild Dogs that had just finished their meal. Their faces were full of blood and they were laying under the tree. We came across a male and female Lion feeding on a dead baby Elephant, the male was roaring every night and during our last night they walked through our camp. A bull Elephant was also feeding around our camp throughout the night. We saw 10 different elephant herds crossing the Linyanti river into the swamps for grazing, and another female leopard laying on a tree branch. Two lioness with a cub, were also found feeding on a fresh kill of a baby Elephant. A mating pair of Lion was also spotted along the Savute river, with a large pod of Hippos in the river nearby and more large herds of Elephants grazing along the channel.
Chobe Boat cruise:The boat cruise was very  productive, we saw large herds of Buffalo and Hippos grazing, Elephants swimming and feeding, and lots of water birds. The boat cruise was highly enjoyed by all guests and was a great way to end off this very successful journey.

Best Regards,

The Explorations Team

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